How Bail Bond Agencies Protect Your Privacy

When arrests happen, some may feel embarrassed about the situation and would like nothing more than to put the incident behind them with few people knowing. While arrests are on public record, there are only select instances where that would even come up so if you or someone you love are wanting to keep an arrest as discreet as possible, here are some ways bail bonds are set up to help with doing just that.

Wide Availability

It is the industry standard for bail bond companies to be open 24/7 and able to meet in a variety of locations. This is because people get arrested at all hours of the day and night and we are able to start paperwork quickly but also it allows for greater flexibility for families who may not feel comfortable getting in touch at a certain time or place. Bail bondsmen are able to meet loved ones at not only at the offices at any time but can also meet at other nearby locations if they are concerned about being seen.

Discreet Calling

Bail bond agencies are also always set up to receive collect calls. This feature tends to be more for people who have been arrested that require a collect call in order to call through from jail, but it is also beneficial for those who prefer to have their call untraceable. Whether you are at work and need to use the company phone or would rather not have it shown on your phone, collect calls are not trackable so that privacy is ensured.

Online Paperwork

For those who either live in another state or want to avoid meeting completely, the other option is to do everything online and through the phone. The vast majority of bail bond companies are now able to have all applications and paperwork filled out online. In addition to this, there are now often online payment portals for payment so the only actual contact necessary may be to discuss some aspects of the application and to fax or email supporting documentation. This lets people avoid having to even step into the building and in fact never even have to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Bypass Monitoring Equipment

Often, when using a bail bonds agency, one huge benefit for privacy is the fact that you may be able to get out of having to wear or use any type of monitoring equipment such as an ankle bracelet or mandatory breathalyzer in cases of DUI’s. This is a huge worry of many who want their arrest to remain under the radar and without public judgment which is why using a bail bondsman can be especially helpful.

In the end, arrests happen for many reasons and while it is not always something that should bring shame, if it is important for you to remain discreet, bail bond agencies are set up and willing to help you keep it that way.