How to avoid bail bond scams

When a loved one is in jail the first priority and all you will think about is how to get them out as quickly as possible and for many that would mean using the services of a bail bondsman. While most are legitimate, there are unfortunately some instances where people may pose as a bail bondsman or not be completely on the up and up which could lead to possibly being scammed. To avoid this, here are some things to look out for to make sure the bail bondsman you are working with is legitimate.

Make sure that they are licensed

Any reputable bail bondsman will be licensed by the state and would be more than happy to show you their license. If you are ever concerned about who you are working with asking to see a license is a great first step in knowing that the bail bondsman you are working with has taken the proper steps and gone through the tests and certifications to properly help you get your loved one released.

Be wary of discounts

One thing many do not know about bail bonds is that the state actually determines the rates that can be charged. Typically this service fee is around 10% of the actual bond cost give or take a percentage. This rate is actually legally mandated though so going any lower or charging much higher is actually illegal. This is important to know because if a bail bondsman is offering to give you a reduced rate of say 5% or try to get you to pay 20% of the bond cost, they are probably not legitimate in their practices and may not even be legally allowed to offer bail bonds in the state.

A bail bondsman should never solicit you

One massive red flag to look out for which is an automatic giveaway that the person is most likely a scammer is if you get solicited for a bail bonds and this is done particularly near the jail. The people who come up to you and offer their services are not real and they most likely will take your money and leave your loved one high and dry.

To sum up, the vast majorities of bail bonds companies out there are completely reputable and will no doubt serve you well but as with any industry, there are always bad apples who can leave people burned. When you know the right questions to ask though and what to look out for it will leave you in a much better position to stay safe and informed. If you are looking for a solid and reputable bail bondsman in Colorado, All Day All Night bail bonds are fully licensed and have served various locations all over Colorado for years. If you have any questions or need to get someone released, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help!