How to avoid paying more than necessary when it comes to an arrest

Any type of run-in with the law is expensive and unfortunately there is no way around it. And while a parking ticket may make you cringe while paying it, an arrest can cause some serious stress and financial hardships. While there is no way to avoid paying anything, here are the best ways to try and limit the damage to your bank account as much as possible

See if you are eligible for a public defender

It is the law that every citizen has the right to an attorney even if means cannot always afford a private lawyer. There are some catches to this however that are not as readily known, but for the most part, the courts offer resources to those who cannot afford representation, the main one being a public defender. A public defender is a court ordered lawyer who will represent you in your case but while many think these are just automatically assigned, you actually have to apply and be eligible. The courts will have you fill out an application and look at your income and accounts to see if you fall in the range required. Even if you are slightly above, the courts may still offer the services of a public defender for a highly subsidized cost which can save significant money.

Choose a surety bond over a cash bond

A cash bond is a bond that is paid directly to the courts for the entire amount of a bond that will eventually be refunded minus the court costs and any accrued fees, however it can take months on end for this money to be returned which can cause financial hardships in day-to-day life. One way to go around this is by going with what is called a surety bond that is obtained when using the services of a bail bondsman. When you use a bail bondsman, you are only required to pay a fraction of the bond cost (around 10-15%) which is enough to have the bail bondsman front the rest of the cost to negotiate release. The catch with this is that the percentage down is considered a non-refundable service fee. So while this option may not save you more money as a whole, it will allow you to keep a huge chuck of your money liquid for daily needs while the case plays out.

Follow all bond conditions and avoid any extra fines

The last thing that can save money is to just make sure you are following all bail conditions and rules to a tee. Any future issues while out on bond can not only risk re-arrest but also a pile on of extra fines, fees and costs for court services. Just by staying out of any further trouble can keep you from having to pay thousands more down the line.

To sum up, while there may not be to avoid having to pay anything at all, there are ways to avoid having to pay more and making the cost of arrest a bit more manageable while the case goes on.