How to best represent yourself in court

When it comes time for your court hearing after being released on bond, you will have to appear before a judge who will take into consideration how you have spent your time and whether or not you have reflected upon the charges. In order to put yourself in a place to set a good impression, here are some things you can try.

Dress Seriously

For a court appearance, one of the easiest ways to show respect for the judge and the others present is to dress appropriately. For your hearing. Think about what you would wear at a formal job interview. Dark solemn colors. Suit and tie or just business formal as well as forgoing sneakers and sticking with more conservative heels. This shows the judge that you have put thought into the hearing and you have come into the courtroom with respect for everyone’s time.

Use the time during release wisely

Another thing a judge will take into account when deciding on a sentence is what have you been doing while out on release. Have you been getting into any other trouble? Have you been doing things for the community? These types of things will vouch for your character and shows if the charges are just a one time occurrence or only one charge in a string of incidents. One the best ways to show sincerity during this time is to either maintain the job that you have or if you do not have one, get a job to portray that you are a productive member of society. In addition to this, doing any type of volunteering can also make a good impression

Be on your best behavior in the courtroom

The final thing and quite possibly the most important is the actual behavior in the courtroom. When someone is acting solemn and respectful to the judge it shows that they have done some reflection and also appreciate the opportunity to show that they have grown and feel remorseful. Humility is what a judge looks for. An arrogant or uninterested demeanor gives off the impression that a defendant does not want to be there and has learned nothing from the whole experience so it is is vital to go the opposite route here.

In the end, the main goal here is respect. A respect for everyone’s time including your own is shown by dressing nicely, and just showing that time was not wasted making the same mistakes. If you do this, it will go a long way in helping your case!