How to make the best impression when going to court

Although it may take a few weeks to months to arrive back in court after being released on bond, this is actually a really good opportunity to create a game plan on how to create a favorable impression during the time when the defendant is out and to figure out the best code of conduct during the actual hearing as well. Here are some tips!

Look Professional

One of the most simple ways to immediately make a good impression is to show up to court looking professional. This is important because it shows the judge that you respect their time and the process and are not taking the arrest lightly. The best way to dress for a court hearing is going for business formal. So think suits and dark tones. It would essentially be on par with what one would wear to a formal job interview.

Take full advantage of the time out

The judge will be interested in what you have done while awaiting your arraignment. This is because if you are able to hold onto a steady job and avoid any further run-ins with the law while out on bond, it shows that possibly the incident may be a one-off and in turn, the judge may be more lenient in sentencing. While if the charges are serious enough, it may not be enough to avoid jail time but it could possibly be enough to just get probation for lesser charges.

Stay composed during the hearing

The last and possibly most vital aspect of making a good impression is your behavior while in court. If you are coming off as disrespectful or making light of the process, it can only stand to hurt you and your case. However, if you appear more solemn and not defensive, it may come off as you have done some significant self-reflection and have learned from the incident as a whole.

To sum up, the true key to making a good impression with the judge is respect and a humble attitude. If you show that you have learned something from the arrest and are working to grow and make better decisions, the judge can sense that and may possibly show some grace when it comes to the overall consequences.