How to make your time out on bail work to your advantage

Once you have been released from jail and you are in that time of limbo waiting out your court hearing, you may just feel relieved to be out of custody but this time is a golden opportunity to show the judge that you are responsible and whatever charges there are don’t reflect your character which in turn may lead to a more compassionate sentence in the long run. In order to show this side, here are some basic guidelines.

Be incredibly serious with any bail conditions

Probably the most heavily weighted factor that a judge will take into account besides the severity of the charges and past history is if you had kept up and obeyed any and all bail conditions while out on bail. This could be anything from staying put and not traveling to checking in for drug tests or perhaps attending some type of class. When these conditions are followed completely it shows the judge that you have been diligent in trying to stay up to date with the things needed to avoid any questions about fleeing or possible repeat offenses.

Keep working

If you have a place of employment, one of the best things you can do is just keep going to your job and maintain it while awaiting trial and if you do not currently have a job it might be a good time to look for one. This shows the judge that you are responsible and working towards being a productive member of society and will help state your case that you are serious about staying on a good path.

Avoid any repeat offenses or questionable situations

The final and probably most obvious piece of advice is to essentially stay out of trouble. Any other arrests or issues during the time you are out on bond could have huge implications for how strict your possible sentence will be. The judge wants to see that you have either seen the error of your ways or that the charges were a one-time thing but getting into any issues or being taken into custody again is just not a good look and will make the judge question whether you have learned anything or if more severe consequences need to be put into place.

In the end, the biggest takeaway is to try and impress the judge while you are out by just staying busy doing productive things and the reward may end up being a much lighter sentence.