How to take action if you have an outstanding warrant

In most situations, one would probably know if they are in trouble with the law but there are some instances where one could not be completely sure. The concept of waiting to be arrested would make anyone stressed out but there are ways to not only find out for sure if there is a warrant but even actionable steps you can take to address the issue and possibly avoid an actual arrest. Here is what you need to know:

Confirm there is a warrant

Most may not know this but you can actually get in touch with any local bail bonds agency and they have access to certain databases that can immediately confirm or deny if a warrant is out for an individual. Along with this, they are even able to tell you what the warrant is for and if there is a bond already attached. If there is in fact an outstanding warrant, the bail bondsman can help guide you through the possible next steps you can take. If the warrant is for something minor such as unpaid tickets or a low misdemeanor you may even be able to arrange payment through the bail bondsman to avoid actually being arrested. It is important to note however that this will not keep you from having to go to court down the line but merely keep you from being detained in the meantime.

When an arrest is inevitable

For warrants that are attached to more serious crimes or are a part of a larger investigation, there may be no actual way to avoid an arrest. In these circumstances, however, there are still steps that you can take to avoid getting arrested at inopportune times that may cause further stress or embarrassment. If the bail bondsman confirms that there is a warrant but no bond is attached, the next best step may be to get in contact with a lawyer. This is because they may be able to assist in working to negotiate the terms of surrender which not only gives you the power to decide when and where to report but can also ensure that you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder wondering when it will happen. This is also a better look in the eyes of the court who will see it as you taking responsibility rather than running which can be of benefit to your case as a whole.

Overall, while the idea of having a warrant out can cause anyone a great deal of anxiety, taking the proper steps to address it quickly can ease a lot of the pressure and possibly even help you stay out of jail completely.