Reasons why you should definitely pay bond to be released

When it comes to arrests and detainment, most usually will do anything to get released, but there are some who decide to stay in jail while awaiting their arraignment. This is almost always due to not wanting or not being able to afford the cost of bond. While there is no denying that bond is expensive, it’s important to note that there are ways to afford the bond even when you may not have a ton of resources and there are also risks that come with staying in jail. Here are the main reasons to pay bond if the option is given.

Less chance to incriminate yourself

Every phone call is recorded from jail and inmates are watched like a hawk during visitations which can get complicated when having to meet with your lawyer while detained. This is because whatever information is obtained can be used against you in court. So if you say something incriminating on the phone with your lawyer or loved one, they could take that recording and submit it as evidence in the case. When you are able to meet with your lawyer in a more private location outside of holding, it allows you and your lawyer the opportunity to build your case and speak more openly so a plan of action can be made without the fear of saying the wrong things and further incriminating yourself.

Able to maintain a job

Unless you have a lot of vacation time or an extremely understanding boss, it will be difficult to hold onto employment if you decide to wait it out in jail. An arraignment can take weeks and sometimes months to be held which is time you will be absent from work. This can actually also hurt your case because often a judge will take into account what the defendant had been doing while awaiting their arraignment and maintaining employment is an easy way to make a good impression and possibly lower your sentence.


Whether it’s Covid or getting into altercations with other inmates, it tends to be a lot safer outside of jail than it is in one. Jails are often packed and overcrowded which can make it sometimes a perilous situation when it comes to infectious diseases or getting quality healthcare. Then there is also the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to have run-ins with other inmates that could wither get your hurt or cause further charges to occur leading to more jail time.

To sum up, while the cost of bond may not be something you want to deal with, it is best to find any way out if possible. This is not only to help your case but to keep you safe and healthy in the process.