Reasons your bail can get revoked

Even though it is a relief to finally be released when having to deal with the issues that come with arrest and detainment, it is important to note that being released is still only one of the first steps after an arrest and while out on bail, there are thing that jeopardizes your freedom if violated or not followed. Here is a short overview of things that can get your bail revoked and land you back in jail.

Violating bail conditions

Probably the most common way to end up back in jail while out on bail would be by violating bail conditions. When released, the judge will usually have some rules that have to be followed while out on bails such as a travel ban, or even house arrest. The ultimate bail condition tends to be showing up to your scheduled court dates but really breaking any of these conditions puts the defendant in breach of their agreement with the courts and can end up with them back behind bars with the possibility of further charges added to their original ones.

Being disrespectful in the courtroom

When a defendant comes back to their hearing after being released it is to be expected that they will be on their best behavior for the judge. However, if the defendant acts rudely or makes a commotion, it can put them in jeopardy where their bond can be rescinded or they could be held in contempt. It is really important to be respectful even if the situation itself is scary and frustrating because it can make the situation even worse.

Committing another crime while on bail

If a defendant gets arrested while out on bail then they will not only be put back in jail to await their case but it will be far less likely that they will be offered the possibility of bail again. It isn’t a guarantee that it won’t be offered but at this point, a judge will question if the defendant is reliable enough to show up to their court dates and whether or not they might be a flight risk.

Overall, as long as the rules of the agreement are followed there should be no issues but it is important to understand exactly what the conditions are and to just stay out of trouble so that there aren’t further problems.