Steps to take if you have a warrant out for your arrest

If you have been stressed or concerned that there could possibly be a warrant out for your arrest, it is important to stay calm and know that there are options out there that can not only confirm whether or not there actually is a warrant but could possibly help you avoid having to be arrested if there is one. Here is what you need to know.

Call a local bail bondsman

The first thing that should be done the second you think a warrant might be issued is to call a local bail bondsman. This is because bail bonds agencies are equipped with special databases that can confirm and show if a warrant is actually active and what it is for. Typically warrants are issued for a few specific reasons. In some cases, it may be that the defendant had missed their court date and did not communicate with the courts to reschedule in which case a judge would issue a bench warrant. Other reasons for warrants could be a collection of unpaid tickets or also a warrant is issued because there is evidence that you may have been involved with a crime after an investigation has gone through. For all these reasons, the only option that could possibly have you avoid arrest would be unpaid tickets because the courts may also include a bond cost that would simply need to be paid. If you go this route however, you will still need to show to a court hearing but usually arrest can be taken off the table.

What to do if you have a warrant

If a warrant is in fact confirmed and it is for something other than outstanding tickets, then the best step is to immediately contact a lawyer. Although at this point, avoid arrest may be off the table, there are still things that a lawyer can assist with such as negotiating terms of self-surrender. This can be beneficial not only because you don’t have to worry about where or when an arrest will happen but it can also give a good impression to the judge in signaling that you were trying to be responsible and proactive in regards to the warrant.

We are here to help!

To sum up, if you think there may be a warrant out for your arrest and you live in the Mobile area, give us a call and we would be happy to help you figure out if there is a warrant and what options you have from there.