The Consequences of Skipping Out on Bail

There are a number of serious consequences to someone’s decision to skip out on bail.  These consequences are far reaching and can affect not only the fugitive’s future but also the lives and finances of friends, family and associates.  Anyone out on bail should be aware of what can happen if they decide to flee.  Let’s take a look at some of the possible things that can happen.

You Probably Won’t Be Offered Bail Again

The first consequence to running is that if and when the fugitive is arrested again, there is most likely no chance that this person would ever be offered bail again.  Judges and the Law consider being released on bail to be a privilege, not a right.  Those who violate that trust are no longer allowed this benefit.  This record of flight will follow the fugitive for the rest of their lives, but it isn’t the only thing that will happen when they run.

You will lose a lot of money

The next consequence of skipping out on bail is a total loss of any and all assets or cash that was used as collateral for the bond.  If a fugitive put up a large amount of money for a cash bond, if they put personal or business assets like property or vehicles up for collateral, or if they used a bail bond agent who put up their professional collateral, not returning to court causes the immediate forfeiture of those assets.  Due to the fact that most bonds are in the thousands of dollars or more, this is a huge consequence to skipping out on bail, but it is not the only one.

Anyone who signed for you is now on the hook

Another consequence to not returning to court after being released on bail is the financial and legal responsibilities of any co-signer on a bond.  Someone who co-signs a bond is liable for any financial costs associated with capturing the fugitive and the recovery of assets. This means that when a bail bond agent has to send out a bounty hunter to bring the fugitive back and then has to hire a lawyer to recover his lost collateral, the co-signer is on the line for the cost of those professional services and court costs.  This can devastate a person who co-signs on a bond, but it isn’t the final consequence of skipping out on bail.

The judge will instantly issue a warrant for your arrest

The final consequence of not returning to court is the immediate issue of a warrant for the arrest of the fugitive.  Once this happens, the police will begin actively searching for the fugitive until they are found.  Because they have abused the bail privilege, this means that if and when they are arrested and arraigned on these new charges, there is no chance of bail as pointed out above.  This person must now pay for their crimes in addition to new charges based on their decision to skip bail.

As you can see, there are many long-lasting and far-reaching consequences of not returning to court when released on bail.  If you have any questions just get in touch!