The problems with being arrested while traveling out-of-state

When someone gets arrested, it is always going to be a big deal, but when it happens and you are far away from home, it can feel all the more intimidating and leaves you wondering how will you work this all out? Well, while there is definitely a whole other set of challenges to deal with, it is not impossible to work through it. Here is an explanation of what you have to deal with if arrested while out-of-state.

Felonies will cause more headaches

                When you are arrested away from home but are arrested on a misdemeanor charge, this could end up being  a saving grace. This is because if you get arrested on a misdemeanor you have the opportunity to hire a local lawyer to represent you in court as proxy. This means that if you live in California but get arrested in Colorado, you can have a lawyer in Colorado represent you so that you do not have to be phycially present in Colorado. With felonies however, this option is not available which means that whether or not you were released on bail, you will have to book a ticket back to Colorado to appear for your court hearing which is obviously a much more life impacting issue.

No chance of personal recognizance

                Another disadvantage that comes with being arrested out-of-state is that personal recognizance is almost never allowed in these cases because by nature all these defendants would be considered flight risks. This is unfortunate because even if the charges were relatively minor, the option of not having to go through detainment is off the table.

You can’t run away by going out- of- state

                To some, it may seem like it would be easy to just skip town and go back home after being released on bail but is something that does not end well for people who try. This is because while different jurisdictions have different sets of rules, all the law enforcement offices around the country still work together and network to do their jobs. This means if you run back to California thinking that your court obligations in Colorado won’t exist anymore, you would be mistaken because the law enforcement in California will extradite you back to Colorado where you will face more charges for trying to flee. In the end, there is no denying that getting arrested away from where you live offers many challenges and frustrations but as long as the rules are followed and respected, at some point it will all just be a