Ways to make the time before a court date work to your advantage

When it comes time for your first scheduled court date after being released, it can be of huge benefit to show the judge that you have been using the time well. By doing this, you are showing the judge that you took the arrest seriously and that you are responsible in day-to-day life. This gives the judge the appearance that the arrest is an out-of-character situation which could lead to less severe punishments and possibly a better chance of probation over jail time. Here are some of the main ways to make a good impression

Follow all bail conditions

When a judge offers bond, it often comes with a set of stipulations and rules called bond conditions. These conditions can range from the basic common-sense rules like avoiding illegal substances or participating in any type of illegal activity to more thorough rules like mandated check-ins or drug tests. Bond conditions are mandatory to be in compliance with the terms of the bond anyways, but staying with them and taking them seriously will still show the judge that the defendant is trying nonetheless.

Find or stay employed

Employment is a big thing for a lot of judges because it is an easy way to determine if the defendant is a contributing member of society and if they have held onto a job for a long period of time then they are responsible and have a work ethic. This is not to mention that most have less time to get into trouble if they are working a full-time job. If you do not currently have a job at this time, actively looking for one or accepting an offer and working it for the time while you are out on release is an amazing way to essentially gain some favor for taking the time to improve a tough situation.

Keep busy doing positive things for the community

The last thing that a defendant can do while out on bond that can really leave a good impression with the judge is to give back and maybe volunteer. This is in a similar vein of holding down a steady job but takes it a step further by not only being a contributing member to society but that works to make the community better. Perhaps working with youth or helping others who have been in a similar situation, there are tons of ways to get involved and it could end up helping your case in the courtroom as well.

Overall, the main key to having a favorable opinion left with the judge or possible jury is to just learn or grow from whatever incident that happened and show them that you are looking to make positive changes to make life and society better. While it may not get you off completely, it can only help show your sincerity in moving on in a good direction.