What happens when a defendant does not show to their court date

When possibly facing significant time, it is understandable that one would try and doing anything possible to avoid it but when one thinks about not showing up to court dates, they will end up facing even more time and further consequences on top of that. These are just some of the reasons why avoid a court date is not advised.

The judge probably won’t offer bond again

If someone flees and they are caught and detained again, then the chances that a judge will be flexible and offer bond again is very slim. This is because the point of bond is to give incentive to show up to court so if it is apparent that it is not enough of an incentive that the judge will most likely opt to hold the defendant without bond to make sure that they are held accountable.

There will be a significant money loss

Another huge issue to be aware of is the fact that when someone skips out on their bond, that money will be forfeited so the defendant can potentially out of several thousands of dollars or if they used a bail bondsman then they made their indemnitor on the hook for the money owed to the courts. Either way it is a lot of resources that can no longer be recuperated and may put loved ones in a hard position.

Indemnitors will have to face the consequences as well

As said, when a defendant does not show, not only will the indemnitor be financially on the hook for any financial deficiencies but they are also expected to help locate the defendant which can be stressful on top of the huge monetary or collateral loss if the defendant cannot be found.

Law enforcement will be on the lookout

The last thing to note about trying to flee is that it almost never works. As soon as a defendant does not come to their scheduled hearing without any type of communication or reschedule, the judge will issue a bench warrant and as soon as they are found, they will immediately be detained and this time with further charges.

In the end, while facing time may not be ideal, there are far more issues to face when attempting to flee on both the defendant and their loved ones.