What it means to be an Indemnitor

When we think about our loved ones, we would do anything for them and to help them in any tough situation. So when something scary like an arrest happens, our first instinct would most likely be to run and find a way to bail them out. This is most often done by either coming up with the full cost of bond and paying a cash bond to the courts or working with a bail bondsman, coming up with a portion of the bond and signing as an Indemnitor on the contract. But what does this all mean and what goes along with being an Indemnitor? Read on to find out!

You have to make sure the defendant shows up to their court hearing

If you sign a contract as an Indemnitor, you are essentially claiming responsibility for the defendant and saying that you trust that will show up to their scheduled hearing as promised. This is because if they do not show up, the Indemnitor will be held financially responsible. If you were to pay the entire cash bond to the courts, it would mean that the money will be forfeited and no longer returned or, if you hired the services of a bail bondsman, it could mean that whatever you put up as collateral could be in jeopardy. It is of the utmost importance that when someone signs as an Indemnitor for someone, that they have full and total trust in that person and that they will absolutely show up to court.

Any additional charges that come with finding the defendant will be added to the bill

If you are a co-signer for a defendant who runs, then it also means if a bounty hunter needs to be hired or any other type of service needs to be acquired to catch the defendant then those bills will, unfortunately, be passed onto you. Again, it is so important to have full trust in the person you are signing for.

If you co-sign to release someone but feel you made a mistake, you can change your mind.

If for any reason you become concerned that the person you signed for may not actually show up to court or possibly you may feel that a person is more of a danger to themselves or others outside of detainment, then you have the option to change your mind and they could be detained until their hearing. Of course, this is a difficult decision to make but there may be reasons why some feel that this is necessary and the option is yours to make.

In conclusion, while we always want to be there for the ones we love, it is incredibly vital to realize that co-signing any type of contract is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly because it could end up really costing you if for any reason they are not able to hold up their side of the bargain.