What to do if you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest

The stress of having to think about being arrested can be enough to make most go crazy with anxiety. This is especially so if you are not even totally sure there is a warrant. You may get anxious on when and where it will happen and if it will be in front of co-worker and friend or family. It is a difficult situation that can make you feel powerless but in fact, there are ways to take control back. Here are the first things you should do immediately if you think or know that there is a warrant out for your arrest.

Talk with a local bail bondsman

The second you become worried about a warrant, you should contact a bail bondsman. This is because they have access to databases that can not only confirm whether or not a warrant has been issued but what it is for. Typically warrants are only issues for three reasons. One is the defendant did not show up to their original court hearing and appears to be fleeing, they have too many unpaid traffic tickets or an internal criminal investigation took place and had enough evidence that a judge issue a warrant. For the most part, people tend to know if they have a warrant but when it comes to investigations, sometimes they may have no idea.

Next steps if there is a warrant

If a bail bondsman does in fact confirm that there is a warrant out, then you may have options. The first thing the bail bondsman can do is see if there is a bond attached. This usually won’t be the case for criminal investigations or defendants who are fleeing but may be an option for those who simply have outstanding balances. If this is the case, you may be able to pay the bond cost ahead of time and avoid arrest altogether. In these situations however, you will still be expected to show up to court hearings but won’t have to actually be taken in. When it comes to the criminal warrants, unfortunately arrest will be inevitable but you may be able to work with a lawyer and at least be able to work on terms of surrender to either get you a bit more time or ensure that you don’t have the stress of waiting for an arrest at every turn.

In the end, it’s never a fun experience having to deal with things like potential warrants and arrest, but being proactive can help immensely and even possibly have you avoid the arrest altogether.