What to expect with arrests during the holidays

The holidays are once again upon us! From get-togethers with family to festive celebrations, it is a time of fun and merriment but it can also be a time where the stress of it all tends to boost crime rates up and keep law enforcement busy. While it is not ideal to get arrested at any time of year, here is why it can be all the more frustrating during the holidays and what you can do to lessen the chances of any issues!

DUI and theft are the most common arrests

It comes as no surprise that theft is huge during the holidays due to the need to buy presents as well as other social obligations for friends and family. For this reason, some may turn to theft but stores and law enforcement are also on high alert around this time of year which leads to huge spikes in arrests. The other most common reason for arrests during the holidays comes with drinking and driving. Since there are so many parties and gatherings that occur, some may be too confident in their ability to drive or take unneeded risks due to convenience which can lead to unsafe driving practices.

There will be delays when getting released from jail

It is always going to be stressful when dealing with being arrested and being held at a jail facility, but it can be even worse during the holidays due to most likely spending more time in jail before getting released. This happens for two reasons. The first is because the jails tend to be crowded due to the spike in arrests and then also because the courts typically only operate on business days which means that even though the law states that a person must be seen by a judge for a bond hearing within 48-72 hours of being arrested, this is not included into weekends or holidays which will lead to potential days longer that a defendant will have to wait.

How to keep safe

It can sound like police are on every street corner and shop looking for people to arrest but there are some simple and easy ways to ensure that you have a great holiday without any issues. The biggest being just to prepare in advance. Know you have a few holiday parties coming up and you expect to have a drink or two? Just play it safe and take an Uber beforehand. This way you don’t have to make the sometimes precarious decision as to whether or not you had too much to safely drive but it can also save you from having to leave your car somewhere overnight. Another aspect of the holidays that is so easy to get caught up in, is the need to overextend yourself in buying gifts and paying for celebrations. We want to show our loved ones how much they mean to us and create lasting memories but this doesn’t have to cost a fortune to achieve. The people who love you will want to spend time with you and that can’t happen if you are in jail. The final tip is to practice self-care. It’s a really stressful time for many and it’s important to take time to decompress so that you are able to think more clearly, keep tempers from flaring, and are able to make rational decisions despite the chaos that can sometimes be surrounding all these events and expectations.

To conclude, the holidays are a time of wonderful memories and a whirlwind of events but taking some time to prepare and keep your sanity will ensure that you or any loved ones won’t have to start the New Year with any legal headaches.

To sum up, the holidays, as wonderful and exciting as they are, can often lead to more pressure, and opportunities to make less than helpful decisions that can get us in trouble. The key is to plan accordingly, keep a cool head, don’t overextend yourself to keep up, and cherish the festive memories!